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10 years of Success

Maharashtra has got national and international acclaim for achieving landmark reduction in child stunting (malnutrition: low height for age) with the persistent efforts of the Mission in coordination with other departments.

Leading the way

Several other states (e.g. Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Odisha, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh) have also started setting up similar Nutrition Missions, picking up from Maharashtra’s model.

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Historical Brief

The Maharashtra Nutrition Mission ( the first ever Nutrition Mission setup in India , in 2005) has been instrumental in Improved governance for Nutrition helping reduce child stunting in Maharashtra. Having seen its role in providing an impetus to the agenda of mother & child nutrition , various states in the nation have setup or are in the process of setting up similar Nutrition Missions.

The role of the mission is to provide added impetus to the cause of Maternal and Child Nutrition in the state of Maharashtra helping coordinate efforts of various departments of the Government of Maharashtra.

Now in its 11th Year of existence, we are focused on reducing malnutrition in all its forms , empowering mothers and families to help address the nutrition needs of children and mothers, finding innovative solutions using technology to reach the last mile .

About the Mission
Mission Partnerships

Opportunities to work together

We partner with corporates, NGOs and other Not for Profits to provide impact in the Mother-Child Nutrition space in Maharashtra.

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Mission Publications

Publications by the mission

The Mission designs & publishes training modules, information booklets and other content to help front line workers, researchers add value to the work they are doing.

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